The 2023/24 Grants are open!!

Download the 2023/24 RBVG application guidelines to get a jump on what the requirements are and if you are eligible.

The Robin Bromley Visionary Grants (RBVG) program aims to empower Canteen Supervisors to undertake professional development and training and/or enhance the canteen by purchasing essential equipment with funds provided by this program. This is a Western Australian School Canteen Association Inc. (WASCA) initiative in partnership with Brownes Dairy.

Eligibility criteria

Each of the following criteria MUST be met:

  • Grants are available to Canteen Supervisors or canteens in schools of all education systems within Western Australia only
  • The canteen/school must be fully compliant with the Department of Education’s Student Health Care Policy that includes Healthy Food and Drinks including:
    • canteen menu is compliant with the HFD policy e.g. >60% green; <40% amber
    • paid and voluntary canteen staff have completed FoodSafe® training (or equivalent)
    • paid and voluntary canteen staff have completed All about Allergens for schools training
  • Applicants can be either in a paid or volunteer capacity providing they are the Canteen Supervisor/Manager i.e. the person responsible for day to day operation of the canteen
  • Members of the WASCA Executive Committee are eligible to apply for the grants, however, if applying, they will be excluded from the selection panel for the funding period
  • Successful applicants and/or schools cannot reapply for two consecutive years after being awarded the grant
  • If the application is unsuccessful, the Canteen Supervisor/canteen is eligible to reapply the following year
  • Schools must be current members of the Association. Membership forms can be completed and submitted with the application.

Grant inclusions

The grant can only be used for approved purposes. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Professional development/training e.g. TAFE Canteen Management course, accredited food safety and hygiene training, computer skills training
  • Essential equipment to increase menu options categorised as green and/or implement best business practice e.g. a blender to make fruit smoothies; computer for the canteen record keeping, canteen uniforms e.g. shirts, caps, aprons.

For some inspiration see the wonderful things our recipients did with their grant funds:

Application Procedure

  1. Contact WASCA on 08 9264 4999 to discuss your application before submission!
  2. Complete the application form and submit via email only to before the advertised closing date
  3. Use grant money for approved purposes only
  4. Provide evaluation and acquittal documents including receipts.

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