Compliance with the Healthy Food and Drink in Public Schools policy, includes food safety and hygiene requirements. Principals must ensure the canteen:

1. understands their obligations to sell food in accordance with the Food Act 2008 (WA) including but not limited to:

  • canteen workers and volunteers have completed FoodSafe Food Handler training or its equivalent
  • schools notify the local council prior to conducting a charitable or community event involving food
  • food prepared for sale is only made in approved premises; food prepared in a home that has not been approved as a food business must not be sold in a canteen.

2. complies with the requirements under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, including Food Safety Standards:

  • 2.2* – Specifies the requirements for food safety and general practices
  • 2.3  – Specifies the requirements for food premises and equipment
  • 2.3* – Information regarding mandatory food allergen declarations

* Covered in FoodSafe Food Handler Training, or it’s equivalent; download the Food Safety Standard 3.2.3 fact sheet.

A new National Food Safety Standard, 3.2.2A – Food Safety Management Tools has been introduced across Australia. The purpose is to reduce the rate of foodborne illnesses linked to poor handling of food in food service, catering and retail food businesses – including school canteens.

WASCA hosted an online seminar, in partnership with the Department of Health Environmental Health Directorate to talk about training options, templates for record keeping and answer questions. The  seminar was recorded and is now available to watch on the WASCA YouTube Channel.

The PowerPoint presentations are also available

For  details on the Training, see the Training page


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