School canteen online training

The School canteen online training was developed by the Federation of Canteens in Schools (FOCIS). It aims to increase the capacity and skills of people involved in operating school canteens across Australia. This training is nationally appropriate; in WA it compliments other training delivered by WASCA.

Participants will gain valuable knowledge about:

  • best practice procedures and record keeping
  • advocating for a healthy food environment
  • food and nutrition
  • menu planning
  • financial management and menu pricing
  • preparing safe food.

The nationally applicable training includes a mix of text to read, interactive activities, case studies, scenarios, resources and templates. Training cost is just $90 (plus GST) per person and will take between 2-3 hours to complete. On completion, you will receive a personalised certificate acknowledging that all requirements have been achieved. More information or to access the training see the School canteen online training website.

All about Allergens

All about Allergens for schools training is a free online course for anyone working in schools. The comprehensive program details need to know information relevant to those working or volunteering in a food service located in a school and is presented using videos and interactive activities.

The course takes about 60-90 minutes to complete and a certificate can be printed on completion. The course is FREE, access the course at:

  • This training should be undertaken at least every two years.
  • A training register must be kept with the names of staff who complete the training and the date of completion
  • Untrained staff should not be given the responsibility of preparing food for students with food allergies.

FoodSafe® Online

Completing FoodSafe Food Handler training is essential for all WA school canteens. Training can be completed in a number of ways: we recommend the following options:

Training can be completed in a number of ways: we recommend the following two options:

  1. WASCA has a FoodSafe® subscription which provides FREE access to the online training. Simply email us with your name, school name and role (e.g. canteen supervisor, canteen volunteer, home economics teachers) and we will send you a unique access code and instructions –
  2. Search your local council website or contact your local council as they often provide FREE access to the training
  3. FoodSafe® Online ($35) and FoodSafe® training packs ($132) can be purchased from Environmental Health Australia. If you are interested in completing more advanced training Food Safety Australia have a number of online courses, such as a Food Handlers Certificate Course, fees apply.

Australian Hotels Association WA Hospitality and Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Training

All canteen staff (and volunteers) are strongly encouraged to complete the new Hospitality & Tourism COVID-19 Hygiene Course. The course has been backed by the Western Australian Government and is designed to provide you with hygiene awareness and procedures. The course now attracts a fee of $18.00 per person however WASCA has secured free access to those working in WA Education institutions using a unique WASCA code.

To access the AHA COVID-19 training  for FREE using a ‘WASCA Unique Code’, follow these steps:

STEP 1. Send WASCA an email including:

  • Full name
  • Name of school currently working/volunteering
  • Role within the school/canteen
  • Suburb

Note: each person who wishes to complete the training must send their details to WASCA.

STEP 2. WASCA will reply to each email, provide a unique code and instructions for accessing the training for FREE.

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