The school canteen is an integral part of the learning environment, and as such should operate in a manner that supports the health messages of curriculum. Schools* are required to follow the Department of Educations Healthy Food and Drink in Public Schools (HFD) policy, for more information on the HFD policy see

The HFD policy applies to all areas of the school where the Principal is responsible for the supply of food and drinks. For example, the canteen/food service (canteen), classroom rewards, excursions and camps, classroom cooking activities and school based fundraising. Principals are encouraged to promote consistent messages about healthy lifestyles in all school activities.

The HFD policy has five areas of compliance, for an easy to read document on compliance download our simple infographic. Click on each of the five areas below for more information as well as the compliance checklists for each school stakeholders which shows how each stakeholder can contribute to a healthy food environment:

The HFD policy is based on the:

  • Australian Dietary Guidelines; Australian Guide to Healthy Eating
  • Health Promoting Schools Framework
  • Traffic light system of categorising items as green, amber or red.

See the latest results from the HFD survey conducted by WASCA and Curtin University (2016).

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