Your canteen menu is likely to be the first form of ‘advertising’ the canteen. Considerations should be given to including a number of core aspects;

  • Name of the school
    • We see many menus that don’t have the school name listed, an alternative or nice touch is to add in the school logo or crest
  • Canteen Supervisor’s name
    • This gives the menu a personal touch and makes it easier for parents and staff to reach out
  • Canteen contact details
    • Include phone number, either direct to the canteen or the school and an email address
  • Opening hours and days of operation
  • Ordering procedures
    • Include the link to the website used and basic information that first-time users of an online system will find beneficial
  • Clear and consistent menu pricing
    • ensure additions such as sauces are clearly marked
    • seperate pricing for small, medium and large serves can be helpful, particularly in secondary schools
  • Colour coding
    • Use either a key (legend) that explains what green and amber means, for example
      • Green: the healthiest choice eats lots of this
      • Amber: choose in small amounts only
    • or highlight the text in either green or amber
  • Dietary requirements
    • Use a a key (legend) to distinguish items, for example to highlight if an allergen is present in the food e.g. egg, dairy
  • Correct spelling and grammar
    • ask someone else to edit the menu before distributing to the school community
  • Appropriate layout
    • e.g. pamphlet style or A4.

For more information see two pages from The Big Book of Menus (BBoM), published and sent to all schools in WA in 2013 plus you can review the Winning Menu Checklist.

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