Employing staff should not be taken lightly, WASCA recommends seeking advice from a Human Resources consultant for specific details for your situation.

There are a number of steps that can be taken to ensure the best person is recruited for any available positions:

Prepare an advertisement to recruit suitable applicants for the position.

  • Be clear in defining the roles and responsibilities as well as the personal and technical skills that are desirable.
  • Preparing a written job description can make this process easier and is an essential piece of documentation once the correct person is employed. Job descriptions provide a brief overview of the role, how it relates to your school/canteen vision, and a list of key responsibilities, requirements and qualifications. The job description spells out what is expected of the employee and provides the direction to achieve successful job performance.
  • WASCA has developed a comprehensive sample that can be used as a guide only and adapted accordingly. Care should be taken to follow all Award and other Industrial Relations conditions
  • WASCA can assist in promoting the advertisement for you via our website, simply sent it to us in Word or PDF format.

Prepare an interview checklist.

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