Developing positive working relationships: There are a number of documents that can assist in ensuring good communication and business operations exist between the employer (e.g.parent body/school) and employee (e.g. Canteen Supervisor). The templates below are for WASCA Members, simply send us an email and we will forward them directly to you.

  • WASCA presented a webinar at the 2020 WACSSO Conference titled ‘Running a canteen- easy to digest’, we encourage to watch it on the eCanteens page.
  • School canteen review: sometimes employers want to engage with the canteen but don’t know where to start. This tool will help to check in with staff, ensure best practice procedures are followed and assist in making plans for the future
  • Action plan template: an editable document that can assist the canteen to decide what plans for change are being made, how they will be achieved and by whom
  • Canteen report to parent body template: an editable template canteen staff can use to provide regular reports to their employer e.g. monthly/bi-monthly reports to be presented at parent body meetings.
  • Staff review template is a great resource for employers (e.g. Parent body) and employees (canteen staff and/or volunteers) to reflect on the school canteen operations, staff performance and set goals that will benefit the whole school community.

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