A school health policy allows all members of the school community to have input and develops a sense of ‘ownership’ of the canteen with all sectors of the school.

A policy is a formal document adopted and endorsed by the school community that sets out the aims and principles of the school canteen/food service. It can help to bring about and sustain change and provides guidance for all food and drinks offered in the school setting.

Not all schools in WA operate canteens. Some use outside providers such as delicatessens, service stations or catering companies to provide a food service to their school. It is recommended these schools also have a clear policy for the food and drink offered by outside service providers as it is equally important that all students have access to healthy choices and food that has been prepared in a hygienic manner. Outside service providers of food and drinks to students of Public schools must meet the Department of Education’s Student Health in Public Schools policy.

Download a sample policy template.

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