WASCA is a not-for-profit, non-government health promotion charity organisation based in Western Australia formed in 1994. WASCA assists canteens and other food services to provide and promote healthy choices and operate economically viable and professional businesses. We do this by empowering food services with training, practical tools, information and advice as well as working in partnership with schools and the wider community, government, food industry, workplaces and other non-government organisations.

The WASCA Board governs the organisation and act on behalf of all members. They work closely with the office team to ensure WASCA remains a viable entity meeting funding obligations and member needs.

See a brief history of WASCA published in the Spring 2019 edition of the CanTeam Newsletter, celebrating the 25 year anniversary of WASCA’s foundation.

Our Research

Media Contact

All media enquiries should be directed to Chief Executive Officer – Megan Sauzier, email or call 9264 4999, 0402 047 658

Join the WASCA Board

We are accepting nominations for our Board, to be elected at the Annual General Meeting 25 November 2023. The WASCA Board is responsible for the strategic leadership, direction and development of the organisation. The skills mix of the Board must be aligned with the strategic direction and purpose of the organisation. All nominations will be reviewed by a Nominating Committee. See the Nomination form for all the relevant information.

Our Team

Board Members

Beki Bampton


For WASCA core business contact Beki by email or call 0434 906 247

Cre Millar

Vice President

To learn more about Cre, please click below.

Pip Slaughter


To learn more about Pip, please click below.

Tony Osborne

Board Member

To learn more about Tony, please click below.

Jenny Hanna

Board Member

To learn more about Jenny, please click below.

Tracy Skipworth

Board Member

To learn more about Tracy, please click below.

Jodie Ross

Board Member

To learn more about Jodie, please click below.

Sandra Vale


To learn more about Sandra, please click below.

Anna Prosper

Immediate past President

To learn more about Anna, please click below.

Office Team

Megan Sauzier

Chief Executive Officer

To learn more about Megan, please click below.

Amanda Ferguson

Senior Project Coordinator

To learn more about Amanda, please click below.

Carla Florio

Project Officer

To learn more about Carla, please click below.

Jennifer Harris

Administration Officer

To learn more about Jennifer, please click below.

Michelle Riekie

Project Manager

To learn more about Michelle, please click below.

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