Why become a member?

WASCA prides itself on providing services to empower you and your school community to provide a healthy viable food service in the school. And just like we support you we also require your support to continue to work in this space.

WASCA has nearly 30 years of experience and our admiration and appreciation for the diversity of school canteens in Western Australia continues to grow. We value our members and ensure they feel like a unique part of our large extended family as we support each other on our individual journeys.

Learn about the benefits of membership and read more about our services below.

Membership categories and costs

Membership of WASCA is offered to schools and individuals working in canteens in Government, Catholic and Independent schools throughout Western Australia.

There are two categories of membership – Ordinary membership (voting rights) and Associate membership (no voting rights).

1. Ordinary membership – available to:

a) Any school community which has responsibility for the operation of a school canteen, such school community being represented by one delegate; $90

b) Individual persons who have been actively engaged in the daily management, organisation of a school canteen during the past five years; $80.

2. Associate membership – available to:

a) Corporate: representatives of companies active in the provision of goods and services directly to school canteens, hospitals and community groups; government departments; and non-government not-for-profit organisations who work with schools and community groups; $130

b) Personal: persons with an interest in the work of the Association; $70


Decide which category of membership, complete an application form, and return with your cheque made payable to WASCA, PO Box 3484, East Perth, WA 6892 or make a direct deposit to our Bank Account (BSB 306 035, Account No. 419 758 5).

Download the current membership form and fee categories.

Membership services

Membership services include:

  • General meetings, networking events and other professional development events throughout the year; including guest speakers
  • Eligibility to apply for the Robin Bromley Visionary Grants program – 3 x $1,000 grants each year
  • Star Choice™ Registration Program and Buyer’s Guides to assist you in selecting food and drinks that comply with the Department of Education’s Healthy Food and Drink in Public Schools policy
  • Comprehensive website, social channels and newsletters. Membership services are currently under review to ensure we support canteens to remain viable businesses and schools continue to create healthy food environments. Schools will have several opportunities in the coming months to help us set the direction of future services and confirm what is important to you.

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