Why become a member?

The Western Australian School Canteen Association Inc. (WASCA) is a not-for-profit health promotion charity that provides nutrition and food service support.

As a member, you will be part of a leading public health organisation and a community that share the WASCA vision to create a sustainable, equitable and healthy food environment.

Members receive a range of exclusive benefits and discounts.

Membership categories and costs

Category Description Annual fee (incl. GST)
Voting School All Western Australian schools; entitled to one (1) vote $199
Nominate up to 4 contacts e.g. Canteen Supervisor, Principal, Parent Body representative, Manager Corporate Services, Teacher (i.e. health, home economics)
Community Representatives from not-for-profit organisations or community venues (e.g. sports, arts, racing clubs, associations, recreation and aquatic centres); entitled to one (1) vote $199
Nominate up to 4 contacts e.g. Manager, Project Officer, Canteen Supervisor, Venue Manager, Club President, Team Manager
Personal Individuals who support the purpose and objects of the Association; entitled to one (1) vote $149
Non-voting Associate Being any organisation, whether incorporated or not, which does not fit within any other category of membership e.g. health professionals/organisations with an interest in nutrition and food services $229

To join

Decide which category of membership, complete an application form, and return with your payment – WASCA accepts direct deposits, credit card and cheques.  Please use school/organisation name as reference number for deposits. Forward payment details to WASCA, PO Box 3484, East Perth, WA 6892 or make a direct deposit to our Bank Account (BSB 306 035, Account No. 419 758 5).

Download the current membership form.

Membership services

Services Benefit summary/th> Member Non-member
Advisory service Access to canteen benchmarks – WA based research about canteen operations, days of trade, number of students, income and expenses (coming in 2023) Free NA
Mentoring with senior staff and Board members Free NA
Advisory service: phone and email support Free Limited
School Canteen Consultancy: i.e. meeting with canteen staff, parent body and principal; a review of canteen operations and menu; review of financial practices and status; comprehensive report with recommendations $720 $1,080
Employment Job Board access: free advertising for vacant canteen positions on the WASCA website and social media platforms Free NA
Job description template Free NA
General human resource tools and referral Free NA
Managing volunteers – advice and resources Free Limited
Business & Finance CORE Finance training

Costings – Operations – Record keeping – Expenses

$50 $75
Financial management resources and templates e.g. daily procedures, record keeping Free Limited
Grants & Awards Nan Marlow Award for Excellence in Volunteering ($1,000 value) Eligible NA
Robin Bromley Visionary Grants (3 x $1,000 grants per year) Eligible NA
Training & Networking FoodSafe® Online Food Handler Training (all staff and volunteers required to complete this training); valued at $35 per person Free NA
Food Safety Supervisor Training, tailored for school canteens; meets legislation requirements $295 $360
Professional development events topics may include food and nutrition, sustainability, employment – in person, virtual, hybrid Discount price Retail price
Networking events – in person, virtual, hybrid Free NA
General Meetings featuring guest speakers and product samples Free NA
Star Choice™ Food Registration Program Star Choice™ Buyer’s Guides, 2 per year 2 copies 1 copy
Exclusive access to discounts from registered companies Free Limited
Regular updates regarding products including recalls; new product launches; access to samples; sustainability practices and support Free Limited
Resources CanTeam Newsletter – 2 per year; featuring stories direct from members; recipes; latest nutrition facts; updates
Monthly eNewsletter direct to your inbox Free NA
Online resources and templates Free Limited
Recipes and menu ideas Free Limited
Online community via social media Free Free
Advocacy An independent voice for school canteens Free Free
Canteen Day – annual celebration to acknowledge the vital role of school canteens Free Free
Collaboration with organisations such as WACSSO, and other public health agencies focused on health and wellbeing Free Free
Input into the Federation of Canteens in Schools – FOCIS (national body) Eligible NA

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