Conducting a survey can be a great way of ensuring you are meeting the needs of the school community. WASCA has developed two templates that can be edited for your needs you can add and remove questions and change the language to suit your target audience.  The questions can also be used to inform an online survey using a platform such as Survey Monkey. These templates are for WASCA Members, simply send us an email and we will forward them directly to you.

  • Canteen survey for students: to gather information to inform your menu decisions. The questions in this template are aimed at students.
  • Canteen survey for parents and staff: Surveying the parents and staff at the school is another fantastic way to gather information on menu content, purchasing style and other items that can impact the canteens viability such as most common ordering day.

Guides and tools


  • Menu price tags: this is a genius way to display what menu items you have on offer to students on different days. We have a template that you can easily adapt to suit your school. The image pictured is a whiteboard on wheels making it super easy to place outside the canteen. There are multiple benefits of such as simple idea.
    •  If a child came to the canteen with 50c to spend you could easily direct them to the top rows
    • It makes decision making for young students easier and quicker
    • As an item sells out you simply remove the price tag.

This template is for WASCA Members, simply send us an email and we will forward them directly to you.

Sample menus

Sample menus coming soon.

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