Maintaining accurate records is easier if you have the appropriate templates and procedures in place. This includes daily tally sheets, wastage records, stock order sheets, sales records, petty cash records and stocktake.

WASCA has developed a variety of templates both in Word, and Excel format that includes formulae to make this process easier as well as fact sheets with tips and tricks.

  • Stocktake template
    • A simple Excel document that will add up the cost of items on hand, this ensures you have a true reflection of your financial position
  • Stocktake fact sheet
    • A simple document that outlines the best time to conduct a stocktake, how often and how to do it accurately. It also includes a template for you to use.
  • Standardised recipes and portion control techniques
    • Standard recipes ensure high-quality food production. A standardised recipe is one that has been tested several times until the desired quality and quantity has been developed to meet the needs of the establishment. Including images on recipe cards or instructions ensures the same products every time which will in turn ensure it costs the same every time it is prepared.

Tip: Keep two copies of each recipe in case one copy is accidentally misplaced or destroyed.

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