The WasteSorted Schools program provides support to schools across WA to promote responsible waste management behaviours, with a focus on waste avoidance and recovery. It offers resources and support for schools to implement projects such as recycling, composting and worm farming. Many schools find these activities provide meaningful, hands-on learning experiences that are linked to the WA Curriculum. WasteSorted Schools promote several great case studies on their website:

  • Ardross Primary School canteen use reusable lunch order bags, rather than traditional paper bags. Whilst they still offer both, around 60% of students use the reusable bags
  • Cornerstone Christian College admit “it’s taken a while to get high school students to do the right thing, but with a portion of the Waste Wise grant money the school now has colour-coded bins located throughout the school to recycle paper and glass”
  • Goldfields schools – a number of schools collect scraps from the canteen for worm farms

WasteSorted Schools Grants

In 2022 the WasteSorted Schools grants replaced the Waste Wise Schools grants program. WasteSorted Schools grants provide funding for schools to set up infrastructure and initiatives that avoid and recover school waste. Funding is available for projects that divert waste from landfill, such as paper and cardboard, food waste, single-use packaging and recycling. These projects aim to educate and engage students and the school community in waste avoidance and recovery practices. Grants of up to $5,500 are available. All accredited WasteSorted Schools are eligible to apply.

  • The next grant round will open Tuesday 18 July and will close at 12 pm Tuesday 29 August 2023.

  • Applications must be completed and submitted through the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s SmartyGrants portal.

The following resources from WasteSorted Schools may be helpful in managing lunch time waste at your school:

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