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Popcorn is the ultimate in cheap, easy and quick snacks. Avoid the pre-packaged microwave version laden with butter and salt and opt for these ‘mix and match’ ideas instead.

These are also great for the lunchbox.

If you don’t already own a popcorn maker they are a cheap investment that kids love. Alternatively popcorn can easily be popped in the microwave in small serves sizes. Simply place ¼ cup of corn kernels in a brown paper bag, fold the edge over loosely and place flat on the microwave plate. Each microwave is different so experiment with yours until you know exactly how long it takes, try 90 seconds to start. The ideas below are all great and will mix in with the popcorn adding flavour so there is no need to add butter or salt.

» Flavoured rice crackers broken into pieces
» Breakfast cereals such as Cheerios, Weet-Bix Bites, Fruity- Bites, Puffed Wheat
» Mixed nuts* (*Check your schools’ allergy awareness policy before sending nuts to school)
» Pumpkin seeds
» Dried fruit such as cranberries, sultanas and currants
» Dried fruit that you can chop such as apple or apricots
» Seasonings such as Cajun, Mexican or mixed herb
» Plain corn chips lightly crushed
» Pretzels
» Finley grated parmesan cheese.

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