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Banana smoothie

Ingredients: 3 medium bananas 125mL reduced fat plain milk 2½ cups reduced

Traffic Light: Serves: 4

Berry smoothie

Ingredients: 250g strawberries, washed, hulled and halved 125g blueberries, plus extra to

Traffic Light: Serves: 8

Choc-nana shake

Ingredients: 1 large frozen banana, chopped 3 fresh dates, deseeded, chopped 1½

Traffic Light: Serves: 4

Christmas Watermelon Slushy

Serves: 4 (300 mL) Ingredients: 4 cups (approx 700g) chopped, seedless watermelon

Traffic Light: Serves: 4

Gorgeous green smoothie

Ingredients: 120g spinach leaves 2 ripe frozen bananas, chopped 2 cups reduced

Traffic Light: Serves: 4

Mango smoothie

Ingredients: 300g frozen mango 450mL reduced fat plain milk 1½ cups reduced

Traffic Light: Serves: 4

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