The WASCA kindy video is a short video that contains useful tips for packing healthy lunchboxes. It is the ideal introduction for kindergarten parents to feeding their children at school and The Department of Education’s Healthy Food and Drink in Public Schools (HFD) policy.

WASCA has a variety of other resources to assist in packing the healthiest lunch box for growing minds and bodies.

Choosing items from each of the five food groups will give children all the nutrition they need to play and to learn for the whole school day. Download the ABCD flyer (A4) or ABCD poster (A3) to help make this task a little easier. The flyer has recently been translated for those families where English as an additional language or dialect (EALD/D), see a full list below. For additional resources for EALD/D families see the Department of Education’s EALD/D page.

Use the menu planner for ideas and to help with the planning.

Lunchbox rewards and treats don’t always have to be something tangible, print out our sheet of notes and jokes to use in your child’s lunchbox.

After-school snacks should be just as healthy as those that go into lunchboxes, for healthy ideas see our top ten list here; cut the list out and place it on the fridge as a daily reminder

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