Principals of all public schools are required to implement the Department of Education’s Healthy Food and Drink in Public Schools policy (HFD) policy. The policy applies to all school settings including canteens/food services, classroom rewards, classroom cooking activities, school camps and excursions.

Each year the Department of Education sends a short survey comprised of six questions to Principals about the HFD policy. This forms part of each schools mandatory reporting to the Department. The feedback gathered from this survey is an important element of the evaluation of the Healthy Food and Drink Project and helps to guide ongoing WASCA services to all schools.

2020 Healthy Food and Drink in Public Schools Policy Survey

The 2020 Principals’ survey was completed by 576 schools (72% of Public schools), giving a great representation of compliance with the Department of Education’s Healthy Food and Drink policy. With 96% reporting that their canteen offers a majority (green) healthy foods; 83% restricting Amber choices; and 99% using multiple strategies to promote healthy eating in the school community it is clear schools are embracing a healthy school environment. See the 2020 Healthy Food and Drink Principals’ survey summary for all the key findings.

Key findings from other years can be found here:

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