To ensure compliance with the Department of Education’s Healthy Food and Drink in Public Schools Policy, canteens are required to link with the school community.

An effective strategy to do this is publishing information via the school newsletter and/or website.

Putting a small article together is not a task that everybody feels comfortable with, so we have developed a bank of interesting snippets that schools can easily print/copy/submit for their school newsletter. This is a great way to keep the school community informed and provide information to parents, students and staff about health and nutrition.

Most resources are available for download or by contacting WASCA to order for FREE.

Traffic light posters

Traffic light posters are available in a handy A3 printable version, perfect for displaying in the canteen or classroom. The poster has recently been translated for those families where English is an additional language or dialect (EALD/D), see a full list below.

You deserve the best posters

We have developed a suite of healthy food posters for the whole school. A selection of these posters have been posted to every school in WA. We encourage you to place them in areas of the school such as around the canteen , near the Home Economic rooms or in the vegetable garden if you have one.  The posters have been designed to encourage students to choose healthy food and water regardless of where it is sourced from because ‘you deserve the best’.

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