How your school can get involved.

Marketing and promotion:

Show your appreciation:

Classroom activities

  • Ask students to colour and cut out Canteen Day stars to decorate the canteen
  • Run a competition to name the canteen or a new menu item for Canteen Day
  • Home economics students:
    • Work with the home economics students to prepare a thank you recipe for canteen staff and volunteers to enjoy
    • This could be a simple as preparing a batch of muffins and delivering them to the canteen, or as elaborate as inviting canteen staff to the home ec. classroom for afternoon tea (after the canteen closes) 
    • Visit the WASCA website for a bunch of delicious healthy recipes 
  • Media students
    1. Create social media tiles for the school to use on Canteen Day to thank your canteen staff and volunteers; be sure to include the hashtag #CanteenDayWA
    2. Offer to help design a new canteen menu
    3. Develop a media release* for the local paper celebrating your school canteen on Canteen Day. The key information to include is:
      1. Catchy title
      2. Outline the topic i.e. purpose of Canteen Day
      3. Outline your schools view of Canteen Day
      4. Quotes from relevant spokespeople e.g. Principal, canteen staff, students
      5. Interview, filming and photo opportunities.  

* Seek permission from the Principal before media releases are sent to media outlets.

  • School staff
    1. Arrange ‘Staff special guests’ to assist in the canteen for service periods, not only will this provide an extra set of hands but is also the opportunity for school staff to show their appreciation
    2. Post staff favourite menu items on social media 

Share the news

Email to let the Department of Education know what events you are planning for the day, so they can share your stories.

Make sure you use the hashtag #CanteenDayWA so we can see your posts!

Acknowledgement: WASCA acknowledges Tuckshop Day that originated in Queensland, an initiative of the Queensland Department of Education, supported and promoted by the Queensland Association of School Tuckshops. 

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