Workshops for Students, Parents and Carers – Healthy Food and Drink policy

Posted on: July 17th, 2013


Parent workshops are fun and interactive! They include an overview of the Healthy Food and Drink policy, food demonstrations and tastings for healthy and appealing lunches and snacks made from home, and practical advice on label reading. Parents are given resources and are encouraged to apply the ‘traffic light’ system at home. The workshops can be tailored to the specific needs of the school and parents. The sessions are carried out in a very informal and relaxed atmosphere and can be held in a classroom, staffroom or multipurpose room. A flyer advertising the session will be sent to the school for distribution to parents.

Running time: approximately 90 minutes           Cost: quote on request


Conducted by a qualified nutritionist, student workshops are held in the classroom and are fun introduction to healthy eating. Students discuss the Healthy Food and Drink policy, categorise products using the ‘traffic light’ system and participate in a food demonstration and tastings. Students receive information on making healthy food and drink choices and resources to take home.  We will work in conjunction with teachers to ensure minimum disruption to timetables. A number of sessions can be held at the same school and class sizes of up to 60 can be accommodated in the one group.

Running time: approximately 45 minutes           Cost: quote on request

Please contact WASCA to register your interest in holding a session.

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