Q: A number of students at our school have food allergies, how can we manage this in the canteen?

Posted on: January 22nd, 2016

Avoidance of known allergens is crucial in the management of anaphylaxis. Schools need to work with parents/guardians and students to minimise a student’s exposure to known allergens.

School canteens can support the school in allergy and anaphylaxis management in a number of ways which include:

  • Liaising with school administration regarding appropriate risk minimisation strategies for the school canteen and supporting the school’s anaphylaxis management strategies
  • Food banning is not recommended, however some school communities may choose not to stock peanut and tree nut products (including nut spreads) as one of the school’s risk minimisation strategies
  • Ensuring canteen staff and volunteers are educated about food allergy and how to prevent cross contamination when preparing, storing, handling, displaying and serving food
  • With permission from parents/guardians, canteen staff (including volunteers) should be informed about students at risk of anaphylaxis, preventative strategies in place and the information in their ASCIA Action Plans
  • With permission from parents/guardians, school canteens may choose to display the students name, photo and the foods they are allergic to, in the canteen as a reminder to canteen staff and volunteers. Liaising with parents/guardians about safe food for the food allergic student.

Check out our Allergy Aware fact sheet and for more information visit www.allergyfacts.org.au

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