Financial Management Training

Posted on: July 17th, 2013

Running a canteen is equivalent to running a small business. It is essential to understand the financial situation in the canteen at all times to maintain a viable business. The learning outcomes for the Financial management training are:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the scope of the Healthy Food and Drink (HFD) policy; including 5 areas of compliance
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the requirements of setting up a financial management system for a canteen, including pricing, stock control, standardisation and portion control, maintaining accurate daily records
  • Increase knowledge of how to operate a finically viable canteen, including analysis of income and expenses
  • Increase knowledge of how to calculate menu prices
  • Increase menu planning skills to ensure a viable food service is provided
  • Increase confidence to implement financial management practices

Canteen staff and parent body representatives who are responsible for the canteen are encouraged to attend.

Running time: approximately 2.5 hours                 Cost : $15 members $20 non members

Please contact WASCA to register your interest in either hosting or attending a session.

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